The World Bank follows the Organisation for Economic Co – operation and Development in describing the SEA as ‘’ analytical and participatory approaches to strategic decision – making that aim to integrate environmental considerations into policies, plans and programmes, and evaluate the inter linkages with economic economic and social considerations ‘’ ( OECD – DAC 2006) .Originally, SEA was designed as an extention of environmental impact assessment ( EIA) of projects to plans, programs and policies . Over time SEA has become more strategic by bringing different groups of stakeholders into an environmental and social dialogue in an iterative and adaptive way. Most countries ‘ SEA legislation falls under and extends existing legislation to programs and plans. Many developing countries have recently adopted legislation or regulations on SEA, and the use of this assessment tool is increasing rapidly ( Slunge and Loayza 2012 )

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SEA-Strategic Environmental Assessmet Component B of Dhaka's Urban Resiliency Project

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